Conscious choice

If the safety, quality and durability are what is important to you, then Emmaljunga the right choice.


Safety always comes first. So has it been since Emmaljunga founded over 90 years ago. Every stroller we manufacture is tested based on the strictest safety requirements. Our goal is for you, every day when you use your Emmaljunga, to have a sense of safety for you and your child. Therefore, we work with our authorized specialist dealers who, with careful service and advice, help us to ensure the safety of your Emmaljunga.



Quality for us means comfort, durability, stability and longevity. But also for a safe shopping experience, where advice and service are vital.



Everything we do in Emmaljunga is done with care for the environment. Our environmental work always begins with a few questions. Is the product sustainable from a life-cycle perspective? Do we use recyclable materials? What can we do to extend the life span? If you look at your Emmaljunga, you can see that it's designed so you can easily replace components. Our hope is that even a sibling can grow up in the same Emmaljunga stroller.