Environment & Sustainability

At Emmaljunga we strongly believe that it is important to proactively move towards a healthy and sustainable way of living.

As an owner of an Emmaljunga you can be proud. Proudly that your stroller is manufactured under the best conditions. Proud that Emmaljunga takes responsibility for the environment. Your Emmaljunga is made for you, considering the next generation.

Green Factory

We are convinced that productivity and durability can go hand in hand. That it goes to create environmentally friendly prams with world-class safety and quality. Everything is pervaded by the goal of becoming a green factory. To get there we have to take it step by step. The next step is at least 50% of the material in your stroller should be recycled.

Renewable energy

We work towards becoming as self-sufficient as possible. Therefore, we built 2500 m2 of solar cells on the factory roof to produce our own electricity in our factory. Remaining primary energy comes exclusively from certified hydropower. A green factory requires green energy!

Environmental investments

Our environmental investments have led to a whole fossil-free heating of our factory in Sweden. We have our own recycling program and the factory is environmentally certified according to ISO14001. We also have a closed system for water purification and does not release anything at all in the water.

ECO collection

We have launched an ECO collection, with particularly environmentally friendly materials. The outer fabrics are made from recycled PET bottles and the inner fabrics consist of 100% organic cotton. The NXT ECO also has 100% recyclable wheels and 50% recycled aluminum in the chassis. An obvious choice for the environmentally conscious!

Sustainable strollers

An Emmaljunga is built to last for a long time. We cooperate with our dedicated retailers who repair in the store so that we can extend the life of the products and minimize unnecessary waste and transportation.

Fossil free heating

Emmaljunga has its own surface treatment to control the surface of our prams. In order to take advantage of the energy, we have installed 7 heat pumps of 50kW each, which return the heat energy. In winter, this special system heats the entire factory, which means that Emmaljunga has a completely fossil-free heating. Estimately, this has reduced CO2 emissions by 400 tonnes per year.

Emmaljunga's latest environmental investments


Emmaljunga chose not to move production to Asia unlike most of our competitors

We save 150 cubic meters of fossil fuel per year for heating by installing 7 heat pumps

Our factory now saves 400 tonnes of CO2 per year

All electrical power comes from renewable hydropower.
All thermal energy comes from renewable fossil-free energy (RME)

Closed water treatment system (0% emission)

ISO 9001 certified (quality)

ISO 14001 Certified (Environment)

​We installed 2500 m2 solar panels at the factory roof that produce 250,000-kilowatt hours per year.