Here is a list of questions that we are commonly asked by parents and prospective parents, with corresponding answers. If your quesion is not listed here, please contact your nearest Emmaljunga retailer for answers to your queries about Emmaljunga products.
Where can I purchase an Emmaljunga pram?

Your contact for all queries and service for Emmaljunga products is your local authorised Emmaljunga retailer. They will provide you with comprehensive and expert advice.

What do Emmaljunga products cost in stores?

Please contact your nearest Emmaljunga retailer for price information.

Does Emmaljunga have a factory outlet?

No, Emmaljunga prams are available for sale exclusively through our authorised retailers.

I have lost my product manual. How can I obtain a new one?

You can download product manuals from this website as PDF files.  Alternatively, please contact your Emmaljunga retailer.

My pram needs service/repair? Who should I contact?

Please contact the Emmaljunga retailer from which you purchased your Emmaljunga product.

Where can I obtain spare parts and who can repair my pram or stroller?

If you have a complaint, require spare parts or repairs to your pram or stroller, you should always contact the Emmaljunga retailer from which your product was purchased.

How long is the guarantee period on an Emmaljunga pram?

Emmaljunga complies with the statutory warranty policy. The maximum period is two years and applies to materials and manufacturing faults only.

9. I need to know if my pram will fit into the boot of my car. Where can I find the dimensions and weights of the prams/strollers?

Dimensions and weights for all models can be found on the side of the pram.  You can also compare the dimensions and weights for all models on the comparison table.  However, we always recommend that you visit your nearest retailer to test if the specific model will fit into your car.

In which colours are the prams available?

On each pram model page, you are able to view the colours available.

What is the delivery time on an Emmaljunga pram?

The deliverytime shown is the week of delivery from our factory to our retailers. For exact deliverytime please always contact your Emmaljunga Authorized Retailer.

Can I attach a Toddler Roller to an Emmaljunga pram?

Original Emmaljunga Toddler Rollers are available with adaptors for most Emmaljunga prams.  In the comparison table you can find which models can be equipped with a Toddler Roller.  Usage of accessories with similar functions from other manufacturers is at your own risk and responsibility.

I want to clean my pram. What are the washing instructions?

Washing instructions for your pram can be found in the product manual.  However, generally, we recommend a 30 degree hand wash and drip dry to ensure that your product will keep its shape.  Leatherette fabrics should only be cleaned with a drop of mild washing up liquid and a damp cloth.

How should I read the serial number?

All prams and Pushchairs from Emmaljunga have a serial number that tells when the pram/pushchair was manufactured and exactly what model it is.

The label should NEVER be removed and serial number is always required when you need help with service and maintenance.

The serial number consists of the article number, production date and a batch number (exception: some older models do not display the article number)


If something happens to my pram, what do I do?

If you are not pleased with the quality of your pram for any reason, we kindly ask you to contact the retailer from which the pram was purchased. Emmaljunga follows the statutory rules and regulations valid within the EU.

Material and manufacturing faults are faults that are considered to have existed from the date of purchase (as printed on your receipt). Faults that occur within 6 months from the purchase date are considered to have been present from the time of purchase. Products which on inspection are found to have such faults will be repaired or replaced, if a repair is not deemed possible.

Faults that are found to be the result of an accident, airline damage, neglect, misuse, normal wear and tear or a result of not having correctly followed the care instructions are not valid complaints.

We recommend that you visit your local authorised retailer to have the servicing of your pram carried out according to the service manual. This will both extend the life of your pram and ensure that all of the important safety functions such as the brakes and attachments work correctly.