Find The Perfect Stroller

Choosing the right stroller for you and your family is a big decision. Use our quick check list for good questions to ask.

What is good to think about?

Now it is time to choose a stroller for your little family member. A happy stroller owning family is the one who took time to compare, test drive and always looking at their own family’s needs!

Our best advice to you is to go through the wishes and requests you have for your stroller, to really find a model representing your lifestyle and family’s needs today and in the future in the best ways. Here is a small checklist of questions worth asking:

1. One Or Several Children?

Look through the different options for a single child, siblings in different ages and for twins.

2. What Seat Unit?

Some modern strollers have an ergonomic seat unit while others have the more classic seat unit which can be adjusted into fully lie-flat. What do you prefer?

3. Space?

Urban living is more compact but regardless of where you live, your stroller should fit into your life and serve your family. That is why it is important the stroller fits in for example your elevator, can be stored indoors, easily work on the subway and fit the trunk of the car.

4. Terrain?

Is it mostly smooth city streets you walk on or is it rocks, gravel and forrest trail which is more alluring? Do you often take long walks in tough terrain? Pay special attention to the strollers suspension and what wheels fits best for your lifestyle.

5. Car Seat?

For many strollers you can purchase a car seat adapter which makes it possible to use the baby car seat onto the chassis, and use it as a seat unit for shorter rider. Please make sure to read what adapter is certified for which stroller.

6. Plans for siblings?

Then it would be wise to already check what strollers work to expand or adapt to a siblings troller! With a Go Double Adapter strollers like NXT90 and Super viking can become a sibling stroller. Viking can be complemted with Double Viking 735 chassi to be expanded for twins/siblings.

7. Accessories?

To make your everyday easier it is good to equip the stroller with for example, side-bags, changing bag, aprons, footmuffs, seat pads, parasols, cupholder, toddler rollers to name som popular accessories. Go through what is available to create a complete stroller which you will love.

Please read more about our strollers here on our site, look at the strollers instruction movies on YouTube. But don't forget to see one of our certified Emmaljunga retailers to test drive and get expert safety and function demonstrations.